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März 2022 Hinterlands: Cultural and Literary Perspectives, Université of Wrocław (Onlinekonferenz; Teilnahme bestätigt); Vortrag: "Here Are My Maps": Return Journeys and the Creation of (Multidirectional) Postmemories in 21st Century Anglophone Novels about National Socialist Violence.

November 2021 Photo Album's Twisted Meanings: Between Nostalgia and Trauma, Institute of Art History of the Czech Academy of Sciences & DOX – Centre for Contemporary Art (Onlinekonferenz); Vortrag: Reimagining the Past through Pictures: Photographic Images in the Postmemorial Novel.

September 2021 Anglistentag 2021, Universität Passau (Onlinekonferenz); Vortrag: Fractures, Gaps, and Blanks: The Trauma of Not-Knowing in Narratives of the Aftermath of (Post)Colonial and National Socialist Violence.

August 2021 Haunted Landscapes of German Eastern Europe, University of Edinburgh (Onlinekonferenz); Vortrag: Provisional Constructions, Ab/normal Violence: Forced Labour and Satellite Concentration Camps in Meuselwitz and Altenburg, Germany, 1944-45.

September 2020 Devouring Men: Food, Masculinity and Power, University of St Andrews (Onlinekonferenz); Vortrag: Cannibals Cooking Cats: Narratives of Food, Dignity and Agency in Shoah Drama and Testimony.

April 2019 Between Myth and Memory, Centre for Performance and Urban Living, University of Surrey, England; Vortrag: Kein Vergeben, kein Vergessen – The Performance of German Trauma and Memory in Dramatic Representations and Public Memorialisation of National Socialist Atrocity

Oktober 2017 The Ever Present Past, University of Essex, England; Vortrag: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: The Representation of Good Germans, Bad Germans, and German Victimhood in Schindler's List (1993) and Generation War (2013).

Mai 2017 Bringing Conflict Home, University of York, England; Vortrag: Violent Spaces: „As these fixtures, like you mention, are to be considered as only provisional, I have no objections…“ Forced Labour and Satellite Concentration Camps in two German Towns, 1944-1945.


  • Deutscher Anglistenverband
  • GAPS – Gesellschaft für Anglophone Postkoloniale Studien
  • MSA – Memory Studies Association
  • Advance HE (Associate Fellow)

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