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Julia Semmer

Julia Semmer

Julia Semmer

Julia Semmer studied German and English languages & literatures, German as a foreign language, psychology and educational theory at Martin-Luther-University and at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. She received her first degree in 1997. After qualifying as a teacher of English and German and teaching at numerous public and private institutions, she returned to the English Institute as a member of staff and works in the field of "Anglistik und ihre Didaktik".

Her courses comprise topics such as language acquisition, literature, intercultural studies and psychological theories of learning. Furthermore, she supervises student teachers during their teaching phases at school. As part of this work, a substantial database of video-taped lessons has been compiled. She has also established a network among teachers of English in and beyond Saxony-Anhalt and maintains close contacts with the Landesprüfungsamt, the LISA and various educational and cultural institutions. She is part of the team that is currently designing the new curriculum for secondary schools in Saxony-Anhalt.

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