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Declaration of Independence (1776)

Declaration of Independence (1776)

Declaration of Independence (1776)


Reference Collections

Information Please Almanac   
Internet Public Library   
Anglistik Guide   
History Guide   
Virtual Library of Anglo-American Culture    

American Studies

About the USA   
American Studies Web   
Department of State / International Information Programs   
Department of State / The Study of the U.S. Branch   
Information USA   
Portrait of the USA   
Scholastic / Teachers. Kids. Parents   
Welcome to American Studies / The University of Virginia   

Government & Politics

CapWeb / The Internet Guide to the U.S. Congress   
Congress.Org / Your Link to Congress   
Information USA / Government and Politics   
The Library of Congress   
Outline of American Government   
State and Local Govemment on the Net   
United States House of Representatives   
The United States Senate   

Foreign Policy & International Relations

Department of State   
U.S. Mission to Germany   

Presidents & Presidency

The American Presidency   
American Presidents / Life Portraits   
The Internet Public Library / POTUS: Presidents ofthe United States   
Welcome to the White House   


American and British History Resources on the Internet   
American History   
Library of Congress / American Memory   
Outline of American History   
The History Gateway at Kansas   

Literature, Arts & Culture

American Authors   
The Cambridge History of English and American Literature   
Information USA / Arts and Culture   
Links to American Literature Online   
Outline of American Literature   


Information USA / Laws and Treaties   
Lawoffice from West Legal Directory   
Thomas / Legislative Information on the Web   


Information USA / Media   
News Division, Special Libraries Association / U.S. News Archives on the Web   
NewsVoyager: A Gateway to Your Local Newspaper   
The New York Times   
The Washington Post   

Business & Trade

American Chamber of Commerce in Germany   
Department of Commerce / Census Bureau   
Outline of the American Economy   

Magna Carta Libertatum (1215)

Magna Carta Libertatum (1215)

Magna Carta Libertatum (1215)

Britische Studien

Reference Collections & Almanacs

Information Please Almanac   
Anglistik Guide   

History Guide   

The British Library    

ARCHON Archival Resources Online   

Cultural Studies

Journal for the Study of British Cultures   
Cultural Studies from Birmingham (on-line Journal)    
Cultural Studies Resources    
German Web Portal to British Studies    
Voice of the Shuttle: Cultural Studies Page    
Hard Times (German- English Journal)    
Feminism and Womens Studies    
Womens Studies Information Sources    
UK Plus    
British Tourist Authority    
Northern Ireland    
Der WWW-Server für Projekte für den Englischunterricht   
Lehrer-Online-Unterrichten mit Neuen Medien   

Government & Politics

UK Official Publications on the Internet    
CCTA Government Information Service    
UK Politics    
Official Web Site of the British Monarchy    
Houses of Parliament    
10-Downing Street    
British Prime Ministers since 1721    
Cabinet Office    
The British Politics Page    
British Party Election Manifestos 1945-2003    
Government Statistical Office    
Her Majestys Stationary Office    
The British Army    
National Assembly for Wales    
Scottish Executive Online    
The Northern Ireland Executive   

Foreign Policy & International Relation

Foreign and Commonwealth Office    
Commonwealth Institute    
British Empire and Commonwealth Museum    
The European Parliament    
The European Commissions Representation in the UK   


American and British: Full-text Documents by Period   
British History    
History of Ireland - Primary Documents    
Modern History Source Book    
The Victorian Web    
Institute of Historical Research   
Middle Ages Internet Links    
Great Speeches   
Spartacus Schoolnet   
Women´s History   
Today in History      

Literature, Arts & Culture

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature    
British Literature on the Web    
British and American Authors (e-texts)    
The Online Books Page   
Overview of Scottish Literature    
Women Writers    
Arts and Architecture    
English Painting    
The Pre-Raphaelites    
Art History Resources    
ADAM: Art, Design, Architecture and Media    
Saints & Angels    
Folklore & Mythology Electronic Texts    
Council for British Archaeology - Internet Information Service    
Videos on Art, Architecture, Literature and History    
Internet Movie Database      

Legal Information

Legal Information about England and Wales    
UK Legal Resource Page    
Law Society of England and Wales    
Law Society of Scotland    
The Northern Ireland Office Website   


The Times    
AJR Newslink    
The Irish Times    
PA News Centre    
The Daily Telegraph    

Business & Trade

Department of Trade and Industry    
British Chambers of Commerce    
Business and Technology Education Centre    
European Work Experience Programme   

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